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Our Projects

Church planting

we have around 14 nations that we as Lead Asia are targetting to plant churches in south asia and south east Asia . There are countries which have so less christians and there are many unreached folks groups in these countries. If you would like to know more info about it contact us

support local missionaries

support local missionaries to plant churches with a minimum amount/praying and voluenteering with us in the feild. Due to the security issue we dont reveal the missio0nary name as they go to the difficult parts where persecution are on a daily basis. For info contact us via email or direct call.


we are raising funds for Angel Chettri so that she can do her Nursing studies. She comes from a poor backround and Lead Asia desire is to give her a net so she can fish on her own in future and also be an inspiration to her people.

Holypalace Christian hospital

we are also raising funds for Holy palace christian hospital to make a good concrete building so that they can facilitate many patients witha good facility. If you want to get involved and want to know more feel free to contact us

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