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Holy Palace is located in a thin corridor of West Bengal bordering Nepal and Bangladesh called Naxalbari which is an ageold fortress of traditionalism and conservatism populated by predominantly tribal (Orao, Munda, Kharia, Mechey, Dhimal and Lepcha), Schedule caste (Rajbanshi, Kami, Damai, Biswakarma and Kol), Bengali, etc. At the time when Holy Palace began, most of the areas remained untaught and untouched by development activities. The co-existence of rich and poor and painful exploitation of the rich over the poor in every possible way was common. It is still an extremely sensitive area politically. The seed bed of the still much feared “Naxalites” rose up in this region in the 1960’s which fought against feudalism on behalf of the laborers. The people of this area suffered much from illiteracy and lack of educational facilities, economic deprivation and inadequate accessible health facilities. Superstition and blind faith obedience to certain practices and poor economic structure further added to their misery.

All these factors necessitated the birth of Holy Palace Christian Centre for Health and Education in January 1996. Its 3 fold main objectives are to provide quality health service accessible to the poor and needy, education and economic development program while transforming their lives.

Hario kharka :Hariyo Kharka (Green Pasture in English) is committed to work interdenominational to help in the spiritual health and nurturing of the churches in the Sub- Himalayan region. The problem of the church and Christian organisations has been much on numbers and events and not on process and goals. Plans and strategies are designed to fulfil the means rather than the goal. Attention is given to the vehicle more than the vision and purpose.

This led the church into spiritual malnourishment. Therefore „Hariyo Kharka“ has designed its program to help in the health and multiply rapidly. In fact, if we take care of the health of the churches, the growth is automatic. In another word, we take care of health of the churches and it is the Lord who makes it grow (1 Corinthians 3:6). We are very relational, intentional and entrepreneurial in our approach and we function in four areas:

Trainings, Counselling, Literature and Social Enterprises.


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