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Lead Asia is transforming communities
in this life and for eternity

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Who we are

Lead Asia is an Austria based Christian charity operating within south and southeast Asia. We are a voluntary organisation passionate about the huge vision we hold at the forefront of all we do. Lead Asia started in 2020 during the time of corona . When

Bhaskar and Natalie moved back to Austria from the mission feild.From the start of 2008 Bhaskar and Natalie as a young couple started travelling to India and Nepal and had been engaged in ministry . Bhaskar was born in the himalayan belt of India andgrown up in the capital city of Nepal. He came to Denmark in his early 20´s and came to know Natalie ,now his wife at the Bible college which now is known as ACTS Academy. Both of them started a kindergarten in eastern part of Nepal and church planting works in India .

In the year 2019 both Bhaskar and Natalie felt God has been speaking to them about TIME. God gave Bhaskar and Natalie south and south east Asia in their heart in 2020 sincethen Lead Asia has been partneering with the local network of ministries and partner together in doing development works and help them start\ relaunch missional communities and churches in the local areas. Together with our partners, our Christian values underpin our aims and inspire our actions. We believe in showing God’s compassion, love, and hope to all those we help.

Lead Asia provide practical and life-changing assistance to some of the poorest in Asian society. Bhaskar is an ordained pastor of the free Pentecostal churches of

Austria (FCGÖ) and serves as a lead Pastoral at Grace

International church in Linz, Austria.

Our Mission

We believe in showing God’s compassion, love, and hope to all those we help.



S: Serve

H: Honour

E: Equip

E: Empower

P: Point out to Jesus

Thank you for your prayers

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